Our Quarry

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Paradise Quarry is a small, privately owned boutique quarry situated in Portland, 10kms south of Whangarei that has been operating for 30 years. It produces Paradise Stone, a unique, extremely beautiful and very popular high-grade oceanic schist.

The quarry occupies ten acres and sits within 140 acres of stunning rolling pastoral land over-looking the water and Whangarei city.
Our operating philosophy is to produce high-grade, hand-hewn stone in the most ecological manner possible for a quarry. No energy is needed for its actual manufacture. Energy is only consumed for quarrying and processing, but the share is small when compared to other building materials. The unused stone waste can be used directly for filling in the parts of the quarry where stone has been extracted or for other practical uses. Nothing is lost in the complete cycle of natural stone quarrying, processing and the return to nature.

Natural stone releases no substances that are hazardous to health. Natural stone also requires no auxiliary chemical substances such as protective coatings, impregnating agents or coatings before it can be used as a building material.

An area of the property was entrusted to the Queen Elizabeth 11 National Trust to preserve the outstanding examples of Paradise Stone in their naturally exposed and weathered form.

paradise quarry views
Hand Tools at Paradise Quarry
Mixed Rocks at Paradise Quarry
Paradise Stone Large Rock at Quarry
Digger at paradise quarry
Paradise Quarry