Paradise Quarry

Visually Stunning Northland Oceanic Schist

Paradise Stone - The bridge between design and unique natural beauty

Paradise Quarry, is the North Islands premier boutique quarry for Northland Oceanic Schist.  Operating for more than 30 years, our quarry occupies ten acres and sits within 140 acres of stunning rolling pastoral land over-looking the water and Whangarei city.

Our stone is predominately a bluey-grey colour, with the balance of the stone featuring earthy colours ranging from bronze tones and sandy browns, occasional white faces to slightly greener highlights. For any project, the result is a beautiful blend of all natural colours providing visual balance through subtle contrast and variable textures. 

This ability to achieve such natural, unique and stunning outcomes has resulted in Paradise Quarry stone being the stone of choice for many of the North Island’s premier projects, especially waterfront developments.

Paradise Stone Whangarei Law Courts
Paradise Stone Paving and Walling
Paradise Stone Paving at Cape Reinga

Public Buildings

The physical practicality of using stone in buildings and structures is important. Paradise Stone requires no maintenance, is durable and ages extremely well. Examples are:
   – Whangarei Court Building
   – Waitakere Council Japanese Gardens

Private Developments

Natural stone holds an outstanding position among all building materials. It is three dimensional, varied and is attractively priced.

The full range of Paradise Stone has been used for indoor and outdoor structural features and landscape designs in private residences, resorts, golf clubs, vineyards, luxury lodges and commercial buildings throughout New Zealand.

Significant Sites

For sites where environmental compatibility is paramount the combination of the colours, texture and beauty of the stone ensured integration into the natural surroundings. Examples are:
   – Cape Reinga (northern most part of NZ)
   – Gibbs Farm
   – Orewa Foreshore Playground

The sheer versatility of Paradise Quarry Stone means that most construction and landscaping requirements can all be obtained from the same source.

Personalised Service

Our products are all hand crafted and finished to ensure high quality and consistency.  

We will work directly with you to carefully select stone to suit your personal preferences. This ensures that visual continuity can be maintained across any project, irrespective of size.

We partner with architects, architectural designers, landscape architects and designers as well as individuals to produce stunning stone cut to your precise requirements.

‘Specialists in stunning stone for construction and landscaping’

Paradise Stone Boundary Wall