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The uniqueness of Oceanic Schist

Technically a sedimentary limestone, each line that is clearly displayed in the stone, is essentially a new layer of ‘what was once ocean floor’ 30 million years ago when all of Whangarei was a giant tropical lagoon. Visible within the stone are individual particles comprising of tiny fragments of ancient coral, mollusc and crustacean shell compacted down layer by layer forming the seabed.

It is the very distinct sedimentary lines and natural colours that create the texture and finish which separates Northland Oceanic Schist from any commercially quarried stone available in New Zealand or indeed anywhere else in the world. The stone is predominately a bluey-grey colour, with the balance of the stone featuring earthy colours ranging from bronze tones and sandy browns, occasional white faces to slightly greener highlights. 

If you are an architect or stonemason, you can get technical specification sheets on our downloads page.

Walling Products

Sold by the cubic meter (m3)

  • #1 Walling
  • #2 Walling
  • Thin & Thick Walling Rock
  • Calcite Faced Walling
  • Corners


There is a very wide range of finished ‘looks’ depending up what construction style is used, from dry stacking, variable width joints between the stones to bagged or rendered finishes. Add to this mortar colour and if the mortar is left flush or raked.

Our stone is used for Internal feature walls, external walls, pillars, fireplaces, lintels and hearths. We can also supply polished stone floor tiling (to specific order).

paradise quarry
Paradise Stone multi facet wall cladding
Paradise Quarry




Landscaping Products

  • Stepping Stones
  • Large Stone Slabs
  • Paradise Mulch
  • Zeolite Mulch (Lunar Landscape look)
  • Natural Edge Stepping Stones
  • Large Natural Flagstones


Because Paradise Stone is oceanic schist, its definitely the stone of choice for many landscape designers. When selecting stone for any quality landscape development it is important to consider how to accentuate the lines, texture and size of the stone and to have it blend naturally with the surrounding environment ensuring that the finished product looks like it has always belonged there.

Our products are used for statement driveway entrances, fences, retaining walls, water features, steps, pathways, pool features and pool surrounds.

paradise quarry
Paradise Stone Garden Large Pavers for Steps
Paradise Stone used for Large Feature Curved Wall

Feature Rocks


Design Walls

Paving Stone

Sold by the square meter (m2)

  • Thin Paving
  • Thick Paving
  • Cut Paving
  • 2nd’s Paving


Christine Hawthorne
Paradise Stone random crazy paving at Crown Beach Resort
paradise quarry

Stepping Stones

Random Crazy

Formal Cut

Sculptural & Feature Rocks

Sold by the tonne

  • Grade 1 Landscape Boulders
  • Grade 2 Landscape Boulders
  • Feature/Sculpture Boulders


Our landscaping and sculptural rocks are instant ‘works of art’.  From small boulders to large and stunning stone statements, every piece is destined to become the focus of any landscape design.

Paradise Stone Large Feature Rocks - Mangawhai
Large Stone Table at Paradise Quarry
Large Paradise Stone Rocks at Orewa Foreshore

Recycled Asphalt Driveways

Paradise Quarry Contractors are experts for all types of recycled asphalt surfaces, including driveways and commercial situations.
For a durable, long-lasting, and very cost-effective solution visit our dedicated website and discover why a recycled asphalt driveway or surface is a great choice. 
recycled asphalt surfaces
recycled asphalt for commercial surfaces
recycled asphalt long driveway

Contact us to discuss your landscaping, construction, or recycled asphalt surface options